Fighting for the Future of Allegheny County

In the borough of Dravosburg, there is a headstone marking the final resting place of Robert E. Thomas. He was born in Wales and emigrated to the United States before the Civil War, like so many others, in search of a better life. He worked, married, raised a family of 10 kids, died, and was buried in the Monongahela Valley of Allegheny County in 1877.

He was my great-great-great-grandfather and since his courageous decision to leave his childhood home to create a new home here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, my family has been fortunate to grow and prosper in Allegheny County for over 160 years. Subsequent generations have grown up with the same optimism of a Welsh immigrant since he originally immigrated here - believing that Allegheny County offers a chance for success, stability, and a better life for their children. Many of my family found the American Dream here, which is why Robert Thomas's gravesite is less than 3 miles away from my family's front door today, more than a century and a half later.

I decided to enter public service because I wanted to make sure that families like mine and yours have the same opportunities for a good life here in Allegheny County. I was blessed to grow up here and start a family with my wife Molly and son Nico surrounded by my extended family tree because there was opportunity for those willing to work hard. Fighting for good schools, safe communities, and the chance for every single Pennsylvanian to create a great life is my mission while serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

During my time in the state House, I've been a champion for standing up for the needs of working families while making sure Allegheny County gets our fair share of state resources for local parks, job creation, economic development, first responders, senior citizens, and more. My local office cuts through the red tape to make government more accessible for everyone so that you can get the help and the benefits you deserve.

As the next state Senator for the communities in Allegheny County's East Hills, South Hills, and Mon Valley, I will make sure Harrisburg works for you and to fight for a future of Allegheny County that gives our next generation their best shot at success.

I need your help to get us there and I hope you'll join me in the fight for a better future.