Nick Focuses on Issues Important to You

A better future for you, your family, and all of Allegheny County.

Good Schools

Every child in Pennsylvania should have access to a high-quality education. Our next generation's chance of success cannot depend on the ZIP code where they live. Education at all levels should be affordable, accessible, and high quality for everyone.

Safe Communities

Every Pennsylvanian should feel safe in their community. We need programs that invest in mental health, fight blight, invest in childcare programs, and fully fund our police, fire, and EMS first responders to create the safest communities possible.

Economic Opportunity

We need economic growth in our region that creates jobs and promises opportunity for the next generation to live and work here. Investments in critical infrastructure, economic development, reliable public transit, and fair economic treatment is crucial for our future success.

Protecting Your Rights

We need to stand up to defend fundamental rights that are too often under attack in Harrisburg. Protecting the right to vote in free and fair elections, guaranteeing healthcare and reproductive rights, and expanding workers' rights are all critical to the future of Pennsylvania.

Working for You

State government should be accessible to everyone. As your next state Senator, I will continue to offer the best constituent service in the state to my constituents. That means veteran assistance, senior programs, and a friendly voice eager to help solve your problem or answer your question every time you call or come to the office.